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Appreciating the academic excellence of students in different branches of knowledge various prizes in the form of medals/cash are constituted by the management of the college and a good number of Philanthropists.  These include the following:

Degree Courses:

An amount of Rs. 5 lakhs was donated by the Philanthropists of the Town to appreciate and encourage the students who achieve academic excellence in various subjects.  The following Endowment prizes have been constituted by the generous donors.

  1. “Smt. MaddukuriManikyam” Memorial Endowment Prize instituted by Dr. M.V.V. PrasadaRao.
  2. “Smt. ChitturiAkkayamma” Endowment Prize.
  3. “Smt. NandigamAkkayamma” Endowment Prize.
  4. “Smt. PolinaVenkataRamanamma” Endowment Prize.
  5. “Sri AkulaBulliAbbai” Endowment Prize.
  6.  “Smt. DevarsuSaradamba” Memorial Prize.
  7. “Sri G. Tammaiah” Endowment Prize instituted by Smt. A.N. Ramamani.
  8. “Cherukuri Raja Rao and Narayanamma” Endowment prize instituted by Smt. Cheruukuri Siva Rani.
  9. “Sri KomatlapalliVeeraVenkataSatyanarayana” Memorial Endowment prize.
  10. “Smt. KomatlapalliPrabhavathi Devi” Memorial Endowment prize.
  11. “Sri&Smt. PullepuSatyavathi”, “Subrahmanyam” Memorial Endowment Prize.
  12. “Surya Krishna Endowment Prize” instituted by Sri D. Krishna Murthy.
  13. Sri & Smt. BobbaLakshmikantham, China BrahmmajiRao Endowment prize instituted by Dr. B.T.S. Manikyamba, Reader in History.
  14. Sri NallamilliSatyanarayana Reddy Memorial Endowment Prize instituted by Smt. N.B.N.V.V. Satyavathi, Typist.
  15. Sri & Smt. “MaddalaMalleswari” MaddalaVenkataSwamy” Memorial Endowment Prize (Rs.2,000/-) instituted by Smt. P. Baby Sarojini Senior Asst. for Total First in I B.Sc (Stat) Semester Examinations.
  16. Sri AkulaPaddaya Naidu Memorial Endowment Prize instituted by Sri A.V. Satyanarayana.
  17. Sri Cherukuri Raja Rao&Narayanamma Memorial Endowment Prize constituted by Dr. P. Aruna, Principal.
  18. Sri MalakapalliVenkataRaoEndowment Prize constituted by Dr.M. Jhansi.
  19. Smt. & Sri SankuGangadharaRao, Manikyamba Memorial Prize.
  20. Sri Motupalli Rama Lakshmi Endowment Prize constituted by Dr. M. Sridevi.